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Fruity energy balls (Vegetarian / Vegan)

These snacks are useful when you are out and about and suddenly have to satisfy a craving for something sweet. I have adapted a recipe I found in the book “Naturkost Schleckereien” by Winfried Günther and Magdalena Martin which was first published in 1979.

Vegans can replace the honey with a sweetener of their choice.


100g peanut butter

30g sunflower seeds

30g cashew nuts

40g almonds (or hazelnuts)

50g currants

50g sultanas

100g dates (divided into 2 x 50g)

1 tbsp honey (or sweetener of your choice)

1 tbsp water

30g coconut flakes


Add the sunflower seeds, cashew nuts and almonds to the Thermomix and process until roughly chopped. Set aside. Add the sultanas and half the dates to the Thermomix and puree to a thick paste. Add the peanut butter and mix thoroughly. Add the roughly chopped seeds and currants to the TMX. Chop the remaining 50g of dates into small dice and add to the mixture. Set REVERSE and increase the speed slightly so that all the ingredients come together. Tip this into a bowl (Makes it easier to roll balls without fumbling around the TMX blades). Pour the coconut flakes onto a flat plate and have another plate ready for the finished energy balls. Wet your hands and form small balls which you then cover in coconut flakes. Store the energy balls in the fridge.

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