Wholemeal pita bread and curry spiced Baba Ghanoush

One of the biggest worries I have regarding my month of veganism is that I need to find food that I can take to work with me so that I don’t starve until I get home.

Luck would have it that a recipe from Frugal Feeding’s blog reached me today (take a peek under and I decided to give it a try. Since I’m preparing for my 30 day vegan pledge that starts on the 1st November, I thought I’d give the recipe a go but veganise it by replacing the Greek yoghurt with peanut butter (I could have used tahini but I don’t really like it). Home-mixed curry powder replaced the cumin because my husband’s not too keen on cumin on its own. He compares its scent to the smell of a camel’s armpit…

While the aubergines were cooking happily  in my halogen oven (my new kitchen toy and actually quite useful for grilling vegetables), I found a recipe on the internet for wholemeal pita bread. Don’t ask me what kind of grains I used, I just tipped in two cups from my “odds and sods grain bin” to which I add grains willy nilly. Perhaps you know the situation, you take out 900g from a packet of grain to mill it and then you’re left with 100g that sit in this packet taking up room on the shelf. I have got into the habit of tipping the remnants into a plastic bin. At the moment my grain bin holds a jolly mixture of rye, spelt, einkorn and emmer.

I added malt extract to the dough from force of habit, milled the grain in my trusty Bosch mill and just bunged everything into the bread machine on the knead cycle. This takes 90 minutes from beginning to end.

Here are the links to the recipes:

Cumin spiced baba ghanoush: with step-by-step photos.

Pita bread: with photo instructions on how to achieve the perfect result.

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