Vegan Pledge Day 1: Carrot cake

Due to a busy school schedule the first day of my vegan pledge (1st November) found me totally disorganised. I made the potato pakoras (recipe on this site) and a rather good carrot cake from this site: I didn’t have any whole nuts so I just reduced the amount of sugar from 1 1/4 … Continue reading

ovo-lacto vegetarian / Prepare ahead

Rolled up fried courgette (zucchini) slices filled with feta cheese (ovo lacto vegetarian)

A word of warning before you make these for a crowd. You’ll need an electric bread slicer if you want to quickly slice the courgettes into thin slices before frying. And you’ll need a lot of courgettes. I had a pile of fresh courgette slices, but after I’d fried and filled them, they were only … Continue reading