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VEGAN CHALLENGE DAY 10: No brainer focaccia with tomatoes

This recipe is from and it’s easy to memorize. What’s brilliant about this recipe is that you just mix up the following ingredients: 450g white flour 450g lukewarm water 2 packets of dried yeast 2 tsp salt 1 pinch of sugar Leave this very wet mixture to stand for about 5 hours at room … Continue reading

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Cheat’s sourdough starter

The day before yesterday I started my first sourdough starter and since it hasn’t mutated yet into a green, furry monster and smells rather good, here’s the recipe from the back of the packet of sourdough starter that I bought: 150g store-bought liquid sourdour (I used this: 300g quite coarsely ground rye grain 250ml water … Continue reading

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Apple bread with lebkuchen spices from the Römertopf

After my successful bread and roll making sessions two weeks ago, I started researching on how to make my bread even better. Last year I tried the no-knead bread developed by Jim Lahey which you’ll find here: ( This was delicious but I want to use less white flour in my kitchen. What makes Jim’s … Continue reading

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Einkorn bread by livelonger

This is my first time using the grain einkorn and after I had received my delivery of organic grains yesterday I started to search for a super easy recipe that ideally could be kneaded in the bread machine before being baked in the oven. An article by the blogger livelonger ( really helped me out. … Continue reading