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Apple bread with lebkuchen spices from the Römertopf

After my successful bread and roll making sessions two weeks ago, I started researching on how to make my bread even better. Last year I tried the no-knead bread developed by Jim Lahey which you’ll find here: ( This was delicious but I want to use less white flour in my kitchen. What makes Jim’s … Continue reading

Prepare ahead / vegetarian

Melvin’s rhubarb mango jam (Thermomix)

Well, it’s rhubarb time again here.  Since my step-son loves anything rhubarb, I’d thought I’d brighten up the breakfast table with some rhubarb jam. Since he also loves mango, this recipe was double delicious. The  recipe is from the German Thermomix recipe forum Use your google translator if you don’t speak German to flick … Continue reading

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Lazy teacher’s mushroom sauce for pasta (vegan/Thermomix)

Another recipe from the German Thermomix recipe site. It’s nothing spectacular, just something you can get on the table quickly during the week. I veganised the recipe by using olive oil (but on hindsight I prefer butter) and soya cream. Oh, and I added a LOT more pepper to my plate and used more than … Continue reading