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Schrat’s wild garlic pesto in the Thermomix (ovo-lacto vegetarian)

This recipe is from and was submitted by Schrat, a chef. He posts some wonderful recipes which always have rave reviews. Early this morning I posted this recipe for wild garlic pesto on my blog and my conscience kicked me all day for posting something that I hadn’t tried before publishing. Luckily, I found … Continue reading

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Rolled up fried courgette (zucchini) slices filled with feta cheese (ovo lacto vegetarian)

A word of warning before you make these for a crowd. You’ll need an electric bread slicer if you want to quickly slice the courgettes into thin slices before frying. And you’ll need a lot of courgettes. I had a pile of fresh courgette slices, but after I’d fried and filled them, they were only … Continue reading

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Brie filled with goat’s cheese and olives

This is a perfect recipe for a lazy summer evening in the garden. It is taken from the book “Oui, Chef” by Michaela Peters, published by Gräfe and Unzer, 2007. Be prepared: You’ll need to make this 2-3 days in advance to let the flavours develop. Ingredients to serve four people: 60g black olives, without … Continue reading