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Cheat’s sourdough starter

The day before yesterday I started my first sourdough starter and since it hasn’t mutated yet into a green, furry monster and smells rather good, here’s the recipe from the back of the packet of sourdough starter that I bought:

150g store-bought liquid sourdour (I used this:

300g quite coarsely ground rye grain

250ml water


Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl. Do not underestimate the size of the bowl! My sourdough starter suddenly expanded to moon-size proportions yesterday and I had to tip it into a larger bowl. Cover with a clean dish towel (I weighted mine down with a plate) and leave at room temperature for three days.

After 2 days I took a large tablespoon of sourdough for a rye-emmer loaf I was making and the starter is amazingly potent. No yeast and the dough really rose! Recipe for rye-emmer bread follows… (It’s baking in the oven at the moment).

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