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Einkorn pizza dough

One of the weird things about blogging here is that you can see which search terms directed internet surfers to your blog. Today’s results were “Hungarian women” and “einkorn pizza dough from the bread machine.” Can’t help anyone with the Hungarian women, sorry, but maybe I can help you with a recipe for einkorn pizza dough. The recipe comes to you courtesy of the Austrian site. I’m sure it can be adapted for a bread machine but I haven’t tried out the recipe yet.


500g einkorn flour

20g fresh yeast (or equivalent amount of dry yeast)

330 ml water (lukewarm)

10g salt

1/2 bunch of fresh basil, cut into strips

20 ml olive oil

extra flour or water as needed
1.  First make your starter: Mix 50g of the flour with the crumbled yeast and 125ml of the water, cover with a cloth and leave to froth in a warm, draught-free place until you can see lots of bubbles (takes about 3o minutes).

2.  Mix 400g of flour with the salt and basil in a food processor bowl (or Thermomix), add the oil and mix through.

3. Add the starter dough and the remaining water. Knead in the food processor or Thermomix until you have a smooth dough which no longer sticks to the  sides of the bowl.  If you need to, add the remaining 50g of flour or a little lukewarm water.

4. Roll out the dough as a pizza base and leave to rise another 15 minutes before baking.

The original recipe made four pizzas from the dough, each baked 20 minutes at 200C.

If this recipe doesn’t appeal to you, there’s another one here:

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