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Einkorn bread by livelonger

This is my first time using the grain einkorn and after I had received my delivery of organic grains yesterday I started to search for a super easy recipe that ideally could be kneaded in the bread machine before being baked in the oven.

An article by the blogger livelonger ( really helped me out. It’s an extremely easy recipe and the instructions are well written (especially the suggestions that you need to help the machine mix all the ingredients and you shouldn’t add any extra flour during kneading).  Livelonger also provides nutritional facts on einkorn, comparing its qualities to regular wheat flour. Einkorn wins hands down.

Einkorn makes a stickier dough than one made using regular flour and the finished product tastes nutty and has a slightly yellowish colour. I was worried that the bread would be too dense but it turned out great, moist and easy to slice. The only addition I made to livelonger’s recipe was that I added a tablespoon of baking malt powder to the ingredients in the bread machine.

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