Dried apricot vinaigrette from adapted for Thermomix

A while ago, I admired the website of the US vegan restaurant “Millennium” in San Francisco. If you want to take a peak at the menu, here’s a link:

One of the dishes on the menu included a dried apricot salad dressing:

“Pistachio Crusted Tempeh
Moroccan spiced spring vegetable tagine with chickpeas, carrots & asparagus, Israeli cous cous salad, Meyer lemon, cucumber & shaved fennel, harissa oil, dried apricot vinaigrette.”

Luckily enough I found a recipe for a dried apricot vinaigrette under “salad dressings” (logically)on the website Chef Beverly Lynn Bennett has included loads of vegan recipes and there are even more in her three books that she advertises on the site.

Here’s my adaptation for the Thermomix but beware – I doubled the ingredients because I wanted some for the next day for my lunchbox salad.

Put double the given quantity of both apple juice and apricots (I guestimated the amount of tablespoons) and the ground ginger into the TMX. Set the temperature to 100C/8m/speed 1. Allow to cool. Add double the amount of each of the last ingredients lime juice, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup or brown rice syrup and salt and then blend at high speed until you have quite a thick puree.

This is wonderful on grated carrots!

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