Making tofu in the TMX (vegan)

I used the 2 litres of soya milk from the previous recipe to make around 400g of tofu.

First, you’ll need to heat the 2 litres of soya milk in the Thermomix to 80C. I did this by setting the clock to 4 mins and pressing the 90 C button. Heat the milk and turn off the Thermomix once the 80C light is lit.

Mix 2 tsp of calcium sulphate powder with a little water to make a smooth paste. Pour this through the lid of the Thermomix and then blitz the soya milk for 10 seconds on speed 3. Leave the soya milk for at least 20 minutes to coagulate.

Assemble a bowl, a sieve with a fresh cheese cloth and carefully pour the coagulated soya milk through the cheese cloth. The soya “whey” will collect in the bowl. You’ll now need to press the remaining moisture out of the tofu. You can line the basket with more cheesecloth, add the tofu and cover with cheesecloth, weighting the tofu with a heavy object. I’ve seen a few tofu presses on the Internet, but I found another way to press the tofu. I used a “sausage maker” (see photo), which did a great job of squeezing the soya whey out. I left it for about 30 minutes and got quite a soft tofu.

To store your tofu, place in a container with water to cover and keep in the fridge. Change the water daily. Or cover it with water and freeze. After thawing the tofu will have a more fibrous texture.

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